Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Magical peoples part 2 - clean up drawing

so here's our girly with the lines all cleaned up....i did this in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. it's a great drawing program and you can get incredibly clean lines with it. i like Photoshop, but the lines don't have nearly the same quality for stuff like this. basically, took the original drawing, created another layer over it, and went over it to create a new drawing. the trick to cleaning up a drawing is not to just 'trace' your original drawing. keeping the line quality, and keeping life in the drawing with one clean line is not as easy to do as it would seem. i had some practice at this stuff when i worked at Calabash Animation (for an illustrious 3 week stint!) as a clean-up animator. tricky!


tygriffin said...

How does the Sketchbook Pro line quality compare to using Painter? I mainly work with PS so I agree with you there on its line quality. However, I've just started getting back to using Painter again after many years without so I'm curious if you think the line quality the same or better than Painter in your opinion. Well, if you use Painter, too. :)

tomsaville said...

Dang, Mish! This looks great!

Mish said...

never used painter...i'm gonna have to try that out.

i love sketchbook pro because the pencil lines really feel like pencil when you're using a tablet. something i can't say for photoshop, unfortunately.