Monday, December 11, 2006

Jingle bells

did a few sketches of our cat Jingle when i was bored the other day. i especially like to draw her all angry because we've put her special Christmas collar on.

now, (disclaimer) i'm not one for dressing your animal all up. it usually makes me feel a pang of pity when i go out and see one of those fluffy, unreal looking tiny dogs with the little sweater and booties and pink ribbons in their fur. but...with a cat as evil as Jingle, it gives me great satisfaction to put this stupid velvety fluff on her neck and make her look like a circus clown. and she takes it pretty well. she usually gives me one look of utter disdain, and then goes about her business as usual. whatever cat business is like. maybe eating plants and knocking things over.

here's a picture of the real Jingle with her Christmas finery on from last year.


Alex Fleisig said...

that's so cute. Also inhumane. You monster!!!! Only joking, monster

sarah said...

Yay! Michelle you have so many exciting posts since I last checked. I LOVE the after-effects one. This one also rocks. Winter is sitting beside me right now. I wonder if he would tolerate such decoration :)

Aaron said...

Ahhh!! Here's Jingle! Did I tell ya my wife keeps Jingles picture by her computer?