Wednesday, May 24, 2006

free time and fish funerals

so here i am, in week 3 of being laid off. is it wrong that i'm loving it way too much? i mean, sleeping in until noon almost everyday, going to the pool, playing waaaaay to many video that bad? i'm sure i'll be sick of it in a little bit and feel like getting back to work and not sitting around the apartment in my pajamas until 3pm. but MAN does it feel great now. not that i'm being 100% lazy anyway. i've been getting my website together and applying for jobs. i just hope that i have a little more time before any of those places call back.

in other news my pet beta fish of 2 1/2 years, Pip, died this week. he'd been looking sickly for a few weeks and i'd been trying any and all of the store medicines for betas to no avail. i don't attach myself to things very easily, but it was sad when he died. i tell myself he was just a fish and they can only be helped so much when they get sick and they die so easily. but he'd been my pet for a long time, and he was right beside me at work for over 2 years. so my husband and i had a flushing ceremony and spoke a few words about him. then he went where all the good fish go......that big toilet bowl in the sky. or something like that.