Sunday, July 23, 2006

ho-hum....moving time again

well, it's finally happening. we're moving out of texas, at the worst possible time we can! hurrah! our stupid apartment (which you can find here,at,Hackberry,Creek.html )
is basically kicking us out due to the fact that they want to renovate the older apartments, which me and my husband just happen to occupy. no mercy for the unemployed. and while we have prospective job offers, there are no definate job offers, so it looks like we're unemployed and homeless now too. they told us we could sign another lease at a different apartment in the same complex, but it could be no shorter than 3 months. so....we'd have to move, get a job out of state, move again, break the lease, pay the thousands of dollars it costs to break the, no thanks. soooooo....we're gonna drive around for a while in our car in the horrible heat with a yowling cat and wait for a good phone call. and because of the time frame of the move, i'm missing a dear friends' wedding. thanks a lot, stupid apartment complex!

so, for those of you thinking of moving to irving, texas....stay away from this apartment complex!