Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Cat

I'm amazed at how many shapes a cat can get into. They're kinda like a slinky. They can be all compact one minute and stretched out the next.

My favorite cat pose is one that I call "fuzzy lump". My cat Jingle can usually be found laying around like this outside of my bedroom most mornings, no limbs to be seen. Just a gray fuzzy lump of a cat body. Sometimes she even curls her tail around her feet to make herself more of a lump. And she almost always looks supremely happy when laying around like this. be as comfortable as a cat.


pj leffelman said...

Carolyn's cat does something like that. I think she looks like a duck.

Carolyn thinks she looks like a peep.

Ethe said...

Cool drawings ! ^^

sarah said...

Ha ha, cats do look like peeps like that. Winter and Zoe do that all the time, it's so very cute.

Wonderful drawing too Michelle!

We just got Sims 2 pets last night and made the cats. It was lots of geeky fun :)

Mish said...

Haha...i never thought of it as a cat looking like a peep. i guess cats are kinda marshmallow-ish.


TaniaMC said...

Very cute! Impressed, as usual.