Thursday, October 19, 2006


Joe loves chipmunks. they're his favorite animal. it's not uncommon for us to go on a hike in the woods and hear him yell, "CHIPPY!!!" and run off. so today's post is dedicated to him.

we had a conversation one time about how funny it would be to see a fat chipmunk. and not just chubby...we're talking obese. i've seen some plump chipmunks, like the ones we used to feed peanut butter to when i worked at camp as a teenager. but never have i seen a really really REALLY fat one. i think it would be hilarious.


mebamonster said...

Chubby chippy! I love it! Too cute:)

sarah said...

Awesome! I want one! The cats might chase it around a bit though... :(

Alex Fleisig said...

the one with the nut is my favorite. these are great.