Monday, July 09, 2007


This Sunday we went to the Oregon coast for the day. When it's pretty warm here it's at least 15 degrees cooler on the coast, and since we've been getting warmer than normal temperatures we decided to go where the water is icy cold and the cheese is always free for the sampling. We usually hit Cape Lookout near delicious Tillamook, so that we can go to the dairy factory and get ice cream afterwards.

Of course we never remember our camera when we go out and do fun stuff, but I never missed it more than yesterday. Lo and behold, right by the beach was a playful little seal swimming around in the ocean! It was coming pretty close to the shore to look at what all the people were doing. I think it was confused as to why we weren't joining him for a swim. (No really, that water was COLD.) I think I threw an excited girly squealing fit for a while.


sarah said...

That's so exciting that you got to see a seal! I like the drawing too.

Laura came to visit me and we went out to Vancouver Island. I hoped to see seals, but all I saw was silly old starfish. The water was COLD there too. We tried to swim, but when our toes hurt just touching the water we reconsidered. :(

Oh, I also stumbled across a comic I think you'd like. I'll e-mail you the links.

Peter Walser said...

How did you get the seal to stay so still???