Tuesday, November 14, 2006


i think those things in the first star wars movie that said, "bee-deep!" were called jawas. i was always highly amused by them. i got to thinking that if they lived as scavengers in the desert, they probably all wouldn't be wearing the same thing. why have a company uniform when you're ripping off lost droids? so i made up some of my own today.

the one is pointing to a droid or something, and the one in the middle is getting ready to zap it. at least, that's how i see the scene playing out. this was so much fun to do that i thinks i might try to paint it.


mebamonster said...

I love this one! They are so cute:) Great work Mish.

sarah said...

The third one seems upset that he didn't spot the Droid first. And you are right about the matching uniforms. I like your versions much better :)

Woo tee nee!

Peter Walser said...

George would be proud!