Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3 o'clock meetings

why oh why do people schedule meetings at 3 in the afternoon? right when i'm at my sleepiest? and the only way i know how to reduce the number of times my head bobs noticeably forward is to open my eyes as wide as i can and keep fidgeting. so i probably look pretty scary in these meetings..... i need more coffee...

also, woke up this morning to more snow! huzzah! it's a pretty pathetic dusting compared to Edinboro, PA snows.... but from what i hear Portland hardly ever gets snow, so i'll be happy with any. here's a few pictures of our little community with the snow this morning. the first is our "backyard". i liked the way that little juniper looked with snow on it. gets me in the Christmas spirit!

Jingle actually liked the snow...now she keeps begging to go outside.

Here's a picture from our front porch.

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mebamonster said...

oh yay! It rarely snows there so enjoy it while you can:) Fun!