Monday, February 15, 2010


I haven't been drawing in a while, so the best thing to get me back into it is something super-girly-sugary-sweet. So, inspired by a Mary Blair-ish Cinderella book I've had since I was a kid (and in really bad condition, a testament to how many times I'd poured over it) I decided to do my own version of the Cinderella portrayed in the book. I remember being disappointed by the movie version of her mouse-made dress as a kid because it was pink, while the one in the book was yellow. Plus she had lime green shoes in the book. How awesome of a combination is that? If you're a fan of Mary Blair you should pick up this book, it's available at Powell's :

Hopefully the color version won't be as much of a struggle as it usually is.


mike said...

very nice, mish! i'm glad to see you drawing again.

Alex Fleisig said...

awesome michelle!!! when you color it, try giving her wolverine claws and optic blasts

Bety Bovio said...

A very nice cinderrela I must say!! I havent seen the book or read if it was yellos, blue or wutever it is. But I can say i really picture her in any kind of colro and she will look amazingly cute!!!
Nice pic!!

Kent said...

I know that book! One of my childhood favorites too! Nice work!