Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Recently tried to get back into coloring. I took more time with this one than I usually do because color is really hard for me to get right. Once again, nerdiness has inspired my art. This is a drawing of my priestess, Saphrina.

I noticed too late that her head is HUGE compared to the rest of her body...oh well!


mike said...

that came out really nice, mish! i love her hand and that magical swooosh is very cool.

i think the size of her head looks fine too.

aintshakespeare said...

Well I think it is excellent. I don't think the head looks too big. I also have trouble with color, but I think these are quite nice.

Amila said...

Nice Mish! I don't think the head is too big at all. Great stuff!

Alex Fleisig said...

freakin awesome michelle
excellent head size as well
maybe i should draw unicornalex

pjleffelman said...

Super well done Michelle.

My minor critique is that she needs her current hot pants though. And it needs an Alex in a bubble. And a pj and a Burke yelling at each other.

Other than that, it is 100% perfect.