Thursday, January 24, 2008


Drawergeeks topic this week was Lord of the Rings. So more drawings of pointy-eared people from me. I started to give this some color but didn't like what was coming out, so I scrapped it and kept it a sketch for now. I'll have to work on the coloring later on this weekend.


mike said...

great entry, mish! he's so fluid it gives me artistic envy!

Mish said...

but looking at it today his head is waaaay too big! i think i'll have to fix that when i paint it.

Richard Oud said...

Your cintiq sketches rule Michelle ;)

FunkFan said...

Hi Michelle,
I visit Drawergeeks regularly and have seen your work from almost every topic that comes up there. I liked this week's illustration. However since Drawergeeks is a closed group, could you please ask them to have the Veela (from harry potter)as a topic?? The veela from the movie were a disappointment versus how they were described in the book.