Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Trek girl?

This girl is all ready to adventure in space! Or maybe brave a convention...I don't know.


nightgigjo said...

Her posture says she's a little off balance, but her expression is appraising.

She looks like she's already at the convention, and is deciding whether or not the punks who are giving her trouble are worth the effort or not.

I likes it. ^^

sarah said...

I like this! Very nice colours and design and I don't think she looks off balance at all. Congrats on the new cintiq!!!! That's so exciting! You will never ever want to use a wacom again.

Hope you guys have a great Christmas, my parents arrive tomorrow and we get to show them the house! Yay!

Alex Fleisig said...

this is so awesome michelle!!!

I am glad your cintiq is causing you to make more pretty drawings... perhaps I should get one