Tuesday, March 06, 2007

weekend in Seattle

spent last weekend in Seattle, where strange men toss fish at each other and yell silly things!

we went up to visit a bunch of friends that we used to work with in Texas, and it was a blast! we went downtown to the market and saw the fish-tossers, had a BBQ at the Burke's place, and finished off Saturday night with a drunken karaoke contest. i will only get up and sing in front of people if I've had a few drinks...or if my sister asks me to do it for her wedding. those are the only times. here's a sketch of me making a fool of myself.

i think there's some incriminating video of me singing out there somewhere too. shameful what wine can do to a person.


Kristie said...

ya but it was really good wine ;-)

Alex Fleisig said...

you are too good at the singing... you'll need to be destroyed

Adam M Botsford said...

yah for seattle! I live near there now. The whole fish thing...is a bizarre tourtist attraction. An interesting fact: They've created an entire business model after the process called "Fish". They teach seminars based around the fish throwers and how they have fun at work while at the Pike Place Market.