Thursday, February 01, 2007

We can do it!

Joe issued the first ever "Gorski Fitness Challenge" today. we're going to start making an effort to get in shape together and eating much much healthier than we do now. i think cutting the sugar out is going to be the hardest...we both love sweets. the goal right now is to get down 2 sizes by summer!

Joe was quick to proclaim this an official challenge when i made the brazen promise that, if i could comfortably fit into a size 6 by summer, i would buy and wear a miniskirt. (i think that if this happens, i will also purchase tights with it.)


RayChase said...

Gooooooo Gorskis!! Yeah staying off the sugar is a tough one... given my love affair with chocolate it is a challenge. Cutting out soda is a pretty easy first step...but the chocolate...what we have is special chocolate..but I must let you go...tears..

sarah said...

That's exciting! Doing stuff together like that is the best way go, I think :) Yay size 6!

Kristie said...

you can do it Michelle! You can do it!

pj leffelman said...

Sweet, good job Gorskis. The Puhalas have started their workout-a-thon. Carolyn has started her crazy workout schedule and I've started running.

Crazy skinnier times ahead!